We have started producing processed meat products  at our new production facility in 2021. At the beginning we have made a lot of trial production and as a  result  a number of our own brand products were born with special recipes under the brand names of 77/HETVENHETES and VICTUS.

In our factory at the smoking department after curing the meat products we smoke them on fire from beech tree. Among other there are cured and smoked shank with bone in and skin on, smoked meaty bones, fired and smoked semi dry sausage, smoked delicatess back fat skin on.

Now we produce and deliver for many leading retailers like TESCO, ALDI and Auchan cokked liever paté, cooked sausage, crinoline,safalade, edible baked fat and pork greaves.

In our sortiment there are all the most popular types of specks, smoked cured and cooked Kasier art, cured and smoked Kolozsvári art and cooked and red  peppered jowl Csécsi art, cooked and smoked jowl  Transsylvania art  as a whole  cut into tw pieces or even  cut into abt 350 g.

We sell our own production to different retailers and wholesalers as well as to our HORECA partners.

After starting the production in 2021 we have made an audit for IFS standard which we renewed  November 2022 succesfully!

TONA Hungary Kft.

Hungary, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Teleki u. 60.