Social engagements

Support from the National Ambulance Service Foundation
Support for the Pediatric Leukemia Foundation
Support from the Hungarian Food Bank
Support for the Flex Patrol Service in Nagytarcsa
Supporting the OMSz Rescue Motor Service through the Hungarian Rescue Motor Foundation

TONA HUNGARY KFT., supports the OMSZ Ambulance Rescue Rider Service through the Hungarian Ambulance Rescue Rider Foundation, because its leading functionaries are the members of the bikers crowded family.

Furthermore, we honour and found quite sympathic those employees (ambulance rescue riders and policemen) of the biker society, who can give competent and last but not least quick assistance to the troubled persons thanks to their daily jobs. It is also an essential aspect,  that as an answer for our accelerated life attender with growned emergency phases, the OMSZ can maintain such a quickly and suppleley operational unit.

It is a very huge challenge for the members to operate the Ambulance Rescue Service on a voluntary form with external assistance, but it also marks their dedication and we tend to give support on our own way. We aslo found the parallel, as we reckon to discover the same dynamism in the work of the Foundation as we do in our daily operations at our Firm.

On the top of that, it is an extra honor for us supporting BRIDGESTONE and Valentino Rossi and next to worldwide known BRIDGSTONE- who is the official tire Supplier of the MotoGP and a recent, 9 times World Champion- our firm could also take part in a good cause.

TONA Hungary Kft.

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